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About our Services

How We Operate

The form above is used to help you access our resources. The LINC Program is completely anonymous, meaning you will not be asked to provide your name or any identifying information to receive assistance. Instead, you will be assigned a case number that you will use to register for distributions. We only ask that you answer a couple of short questions so we know how best to assist and contact you. Once you have completed the form, you will receive an email and/or text message with information regarding our program.

About our Services

Monthly Resource Distribution

The Resource Pantry

Located at the United Methodist Church here in New Providence, the LINC Resource Pantry provides local families in need with a variety of essential items every month. On average, families walk away with between 40-50 pounds of food, hygiene products, and cleaning supplies at each distribution.

Items Typically Offered Include:

■ nonperishable foods (canned items)

■ perishable foods (fresh produce, meat, bread, etc.)

■ personal hygiene products

■ household cleaning supplies

■ seasonal items

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Call us at (551)-220-4123


Currently we only serve families in surrounding towns of New Providence so that we can provide full, fast assistance. These towns are limited to:

  • New Providence
  • Berkeley Heights
  • Chatham
  • Madison
  • Long Hill
  • Stirling
  • Gillette
  • Mountainside


Address – 1441 Springfield Ave, New Providence, NJ 07974

About our Services

The School Pantries

In order to combat food insecurity among local students, we launched the SchoolFuel Program in the New Providence School District. This program offers students easy, anonymous access to a variety of fresh fruits, breakfast and lunch items, as well as easy-to-make meal kits for students to take home if they need.

Accessing the Pantries

Each of the pantries are designed to offer ease and anonymity to every student. At any point during the day, students can stop by their school’s pantry, and grab whatever items they’d like to have. They can choose to pack their items away or eat at the pantry location if they’d like. While each pantry location has a staff member monitoring for safety, they will not ask any questions or take down any names.

Questions about our Program?

Email our SchoolFuel team at!

Current SchoolFuel Locations

Currently, SchoolFuel only operates within the New Providence School District, but we hope to continue expanding its impact into neighboring towns and beyond. Below is a list of the current schools we serve and their respective pantry locations:

New Providence High/Middle School — 35 Pioneer Dr, New Providence, NJ 07974

      – Pantry located in the Nurse’s Office

Salt Brook Elementary School — 40 Maple St, New Providence, NJ 07974

      – Pantry located in the Counselors’ Office

Allen W. Roberts Elementary School — 80 Jones Dr, New Providence, NJ 07974

      – Pantry located in Room S-9


Want to Get Your School Involved?

Email our management team at!


About Our Services

Distribution Process

1. Register

In order to register for our distributions, you must first fill out this Google Form. After we have received your information and you receive your case number, you will be contacted about a week before each distribution. We will ask if you would like to receive resources for the month, and provide the date and time for the distribution. If you do not respond, you will not be considered registered for the month’s distribution, and if you show up without registering, we may not have the resources to serve your needs entirely.

2. Check-In

Once you arrive, you will be greeted by our check-in desk, where you will provide the case number assigned to you when you first registered. Once we are ready, we will call you up and ask you to choose from a list of different fresh produce items that you would like to receive. Typically, you will be choosing between several fruit, vegetable, and meat options, so that we can ensure you have a nice variety of food to use. Once you have selected your produce, you will be shown into our distribution room.

3. Your Choice

The LINC Program is committed to serving the family’s dynamic needs and supporting those with dietary restrictions. After checking-in, you will be called in to begin “shopping” for the items you would like for the month. You will be shown several shelves with items including hygiene products, cleaning supplies, and some other more uncommon food items. Once you are satisfied with the choice items, you will be brought to our packing room, where you will walk through and choose staple non-perishable items that you would like to receive and have them packed by our volunteers.

4. The Finish Line

Finally, once you have been offered all of the nonperishable food items, you will be handed your bag of produce/nonperishable items that you chose from at the check-in table, and you will be brought back outside to the parking lot where you began. We have designated volunteers that can help you carry your bags to your car, should you need assistance.

about our services 

 Frequently Asked Questions

What is a resource pantry?
A resource pantry, like ours, provides families with an array of essential items as well as food. This includes various hygiene products, cleaning supplies, clothing, and seasonal items. The resource pantry is meant to provide families with a wide range of necessities to support them in ways other pantries may not.
What is a case number?
A case number is part of a system we use to maintain anonymity. LINC case numbers are a random set of four numbers (i.e. 1234) that are assigned to each registered family. These numbers are used instead of names, and are given to our check-in desk at each distribution. It is important for families to hold onto this number so that check-in is quick and easy.
Where is the pantry located?
Our resource pantry is located at the United Methodist Church in New Providence. The street address is 1441 Springfield Avenue, New Providence, NJ, 07974. Our front entrance is located in the back parking lot of the church, under a sign labeled “Church Office.”
What if I need support one month but not the next?
You are not required to attend every distribution and are not automatically signed up each month. You will be asked each month if you would like to attend our distribution so that you have the option to pass. Opting out one month does not disqualify you from the next distributions, so you can receive support whenever you need it.
Can I still receive food if I have dietary restrictions?
Yes! Simply note your specific dietary restriction in the “access our services” Google form. The LINC Resource pantry is dedicated to serving the whole community. Whether it is an allergy or a religious practice, we will do our best to accommodate you and your family. Feel free to reach out over email or phone with any other questions.
What can I do if I don't speak English?

LINC is dedicated to accommodating for and supporting people from many backgrounds. For this reason, we have assigned Spanish translators that can handle contact over phone/email, and help you in-person at each of our distributions. We are currently working on getting translators for other foreign languages, as needed.